Trans-Pacific Petrochemical Indonesia (TPPI) 2009-2016

About This Project

This Trans-Pacific Petrochemical Indonesia (TPPI) Annual Report, contain 8-year journey report represents the theme of Optimism as the pivotal point that helps us to see the silver lining in every cloud.

The Cover Design visualizes the spirit of optimism, Trans-Pacific Petrochemical Indonesia (TPPI) still survives and is on its way to achieve even greater.

  • Creative Director: Sylvia Wibowo
  • Account Manager: Ririn Datoek
  • Art Director: Evi Riawaty
  • Copywriter: Ulfa Nur Zuhra
  • Designer:Rafi Yunus, Dentho Priambodo
  • Project collaboration with CCI.

Layout Design - Key Performance TPPI

Visual Style

Our team create visual elements using Hexagonal shape, the chemical symbol of petroleum. Taken from the brand's colour, TPPI's purple become the main color identity, combined with B&W / Duotone photographic style creates the premium look for a Petrochemical Company.